I’m leaving social media!

RETURN OF THE EX. Hi guys. Long time – no talk! The title is not misleading at all. I’m leaving social media – for now anyway. I need a break. Most of you guys stress me out and honestly – like with television – some of y’all are toxic af. It’s 2018 and honestly – […]

30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 1

  Day 1: 5 problems with social media. Children use it. By children I mean, children. I’ve been a huge advocate about “kids” being on social media. GO PLAY OUTSIDE! Twelve year old’s don’t belong on facebook/twitter/instagram, etc. They just don’t. Parents are allowing their children to become socially retarded. ¬†Everybody is offended by something. […]

Salt-Fest 2016

So, a lot of us here work second jobs, and if you’re anything like me, you might be ambitious enough to take on the species that is… HOTEL-life. I don’t care what you guys say about our (SBUX) customers – there aren’t people out there worse than hotel guests, or potential hotel guests. If I […]

The best parts of me have always been kept hidden. I think that’s why I have a hard time believing people when they’re appreciative of parts of me I’d long forgotten. I’ve spent the better half of my late twenties running away from who I used to be, that I’d forgotten who I was. What […]

It just is.

Going through traumatic experiences can really fuck you up. Trust me, I know. I forgot who I was. Forgot, or forced myself to be something different. There’s a change that happens. You’re never warned that it’s coming, but it does. You just want to reinvent yourself… and why can’t you? When something horrible happens and […]

You go CoCo.

We live in a strange world. If you live under a rock, you’re one of the only people that haven’t been informed about former Olympian Bruce Jenner revealing to the world that he is transgender. He recently came out as Caitlyn Jenner. Even now as I type this one of my instructors is making a […]